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Reviews for "Melody for gameovers"

Another nice loop!

I love the clapping sound! It make the audio a bit spooky! Also , is this suppose to be a Halloween audio , cause judging by the spookyness , I think it is!


this song is too good for a gameover song if it was ide want a game over


it makes me think of a screamer.

Mischievous orchestral

Delicious, man...like a mixture of the...harlequin...whatever, the theme song to Alfred Hitchcock's show and levas polka. Sweeeet.

This is like the beginning music of a mystery game

...for real dude! It's like you snooping around the mansion before you go in. It sounds all rich and Englishman like. I feel like having a nice cup of tea...jolly good job old chap...