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Reviews for "Tubular Bells Remix"


wowzer, yayness, absolute jubilations. this is great, first track on her nd all. keep up the good work and who knows, you could go fishing

Tubular bells goes techno. Who'd have thought it?

Well i can safely say its he first time i've heard something like that. Great remix, and a really original idea.
I like the way it stays to the original tune and quickly switches from the original style into techno!

Keep up the good work!

You asked me for my opinion!!

Its very well made te only thing wich is not so good it the second drum period, i think its a little bit too long but the rest is great!

Respect by Nero_SteveO


Good work, man! You made a really good remix.

Congratulations ;)


This is An Amazing Song with a Great Beat. It's great because it is a techno style but it still keeps the tubula bells erieness.

MikePk4life responds:

thnks buddy, i would snog ya but thts just wrong. i did aim at tryin to keep the piano part in to keep its erieness and originality.