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Reviews for "Stars Breakfast EP1"

A few quwstions

In the beginning who was the man running in the background and what was the name of the music in the beginning?

Supersonic64 responds:

It was young Link, and the music was I get around (i think) by Beach Boys.


Also this was an unexpected flash!
Kinda funny at first but got bored at the end :S
Nice tho!

Supersonic64 responds:

lol thnx


i liked it alot dooood make more :D

Good start!

The only thing holding you (and your friend?) back is your apparent need to draw out some of the lamer jokes for way to long. Cut back on the useless jokes or at least just shorten them up and stick with the simple stuff for laughs. Cell was my favorite part of the flash I think, and his role was small yet golden.

Supersonic64 responds:

Thnx. Yeah this EP didn't have a script. We just hit record and freeballed it. If we ever do another (hopefully we do!) It's will have better jokes and art.