Reviews for "Abducted"

kinda funny

the whole thing about the alien thinking a toast is a sorta parachute for a cat was funny but the alien ship blowing up is kinda random though....


I've never seen something like this before.
Found it interesting but rare still lol.

Not great

This maybe in the top 10 but it definetly won't last, give it a few days and it will slowly plummet into the unknown and be lost forever.
Oh btw tylord55 if you think Waterlollies was a failure flash then you're obviously a failure at knowing what a good flash is.

Uh yea...No.....

The animation was lame...and the whole concept is pretty fail this was boring and not really that funny. and sharpeye1 get over your self because water lollies was a failure flash too. you people need to learn to spot real talent and not garbage like this come on. im trying not to be a dick about this but seriously if you read this try and rate animations with a little more sense. and to the artist of this animation heres your constructive criticism. Maybe learn to draw with a little skill this isn't second grade...or at least i thought it wasn't.

dodgyrommer responds:

Useless troll is useless.