Reviews for "Abducted"

The result of cats landing on their feet...

...is not an imaginary number. Still I found this short to be great fun, so yay for you.

Nice paradox

I've always been interested in paradoxes as well as jokes, so the buttered toast/cat paradox works out great for me! This is a pretty generic idea, I'm sure, so I wouldn't accuse you of plagariasm anyway.

Also, I liked the animation (the cat was pretty cute) and I especially loved your simplistic "boom" sound at the end. That made it.


I think the guy below me (jamnalex12345)
doesn't really get it though

Newgrounds needs more stuff like this

Loved the animation on this - reminded me of 90s cartoons like Ren and Stimpy and Cat Dog. I'll have to check out more of your stuff.
I personally haven't actually heard that joke/quip before so that made it the more fun for me, although it took me a while to get it at first.
And I laughed out loud at the end purely because of that random explosion sound - yep, it even made me laugh again after the credits.
I haven't laughed out loud at a flash animation in a while.
Good job, there aren't nearly enough E rated cartoons on here...

Eve soundtrack do i hear?

Pretty neat animation, the understated explosion was hilarious, and the paradox of the butterside up, cat landing on their feet will always remain a mystery.

But maybe it could have landed on its side?