Reviews for "Abducted"


haha i love this! as soon as i saw the cat fall out of the spaceship i was thinking about that paradox thing and it made me lol when it actually happened. that boom was just icing on the cake.
it should have a replay button or something though. thats the only flaw i could see. im still gving u full points because it was greatly executed.


On piont to it but thats wat i like farry funny. BOOM!! that was pritty awsome. but didnt really get the whole cat not hitting the ground

great pun... BOOM!!

Forget the giant partical accelerator and the planned collisions therein, it's something simple like this that's bound to rip a hole in the space time continuum! :O

I'm so tempted to try it now... here kitty kitty

Go Dodgy!

That was awesome.. Yes, please post your animations!


Boom... Lolz loved it.