Reviews for "Abducted"


I think the guy below me (jamnalex12345)
doesn't really get it though

kinda funny

the whole thing about the alien thinking a toast is a sorta parachute for a cat was funny but the alien ship blowing up is kinda random though....

I always wondered if that would happen.

The animation and style reminds me of some cartoons from the 90's. Man, I miss those days.


...I like this...a good spin on that myth about if a cat had buttered toast tied to its back it would hover in midair coz toast always lands buttered side down but also a cat always landed on its feet...or so they say...whoever "they" are...


i felt like I should have seen that one coming, but I didn't :D it was a pleasant movie, short and sweet. And it's good because it's not too abstract [like that "Free will the game"] but it's not stupid humor either. Great job!