Reviews for "Zodiac Reactor"

Great Game

I hope this get an award cause I had soo much playing it. Congrats to the creators and all that help make it.


This is a good casual game. I could seem myself playing it a few times through, and it's a lot of fun. Nice work.

Second 5 im giving to this.

I just tried terminal velocity.. its awesome, i like it more than other games, much more challenging and pretty cool ^^

One detail, you could increase the quality from the main menu, add an in-game quality button and a feature to skip the "tutorial" before playing (in Terminal Velocity)

5/5 10/10

FunfaceGames responds:

Thanks BlackDuke!
If you click on the wrench icon in the lower right (in-game) there are a whole bunch of quality controls to help out with performance. Also, you can use the arrow keys to jump through the tutorials really fast. No skip button atm, but it might help out.

I likes it

99% of the flash games I play here, other places and everywhere suck. Welcome to the 1% club :).

Cool stuff. I been zeroed in on this game for quite awhile and having fun with it. Great work.

The game didn't work for me here on Newgrounds for some reason, found itat Kongregate.com though.

i like it

it's what i call fun!