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Reviews for "Spider Head"


lul wut?

ZILLIS responds:

I have no idea what that means - but it must not be such a great thing.


too short nto funny,and boring >:(

ZILLIS responds:

Aw! you probably have a birthmark on your head.

Loved your2nd flick, this doesn't seem like...

...the same artist made it. :-? I understand the humor in what you said the flash was -supposed- to portray, but if I hadn't read what you intended, I'd never have known it was the point. You did so much better on the 2nd one, though, I have to assume this is just some sort of first-timer myopia or some such - nobody knows what you're thinking unless you convey it somehow in the flash. I'd have gotten it without your explanation if the "Eww, gross!" character had replied, "Oh, in that case, never mind" (or something similar).

Unless you really just don't care, in which case, ignore this. I can understand that, not caring, btw - it's not an insult or put-down or anything for me to suggest it. You make flash for you, that's more than fine. :-) Still think your 2nd one totally rocked, especially next to this. Keep makin' 'em however you like 'em, though, even if nobody "gets it" but you. :-)

ZILLIS responds:

I think your review is fair. Keep in mind, there are some people who get the joke immediately without "eww, gross" man having to say anything (though those people are assuredly in the minority).
Other than a potential inclusion to a series of several simple one frame gags, this is just a throw away experiment, that I happen to think is quite funny. I love their mouths! I accomplished the style I was going for. I'm very happy with it.
Your honesty is appreciated, good sir.