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Reviews for "Spider Head"

i remember that strip

this is absolutely not funny in any way, it wasn't even really funny coming from gary, but i appreciate your saracasm. i'd be a massive assfaggot if i voted anything lower.

ZILLIS responds:

I think you misunderstand. This is a single frame joke that I made up. If someone else thought of the same joke, I am not aware of it and I don't have any idea who gary is.
But, uh... Thanks for the score.

EDIT - OHHHH... you mean gary larson, the farside guy. No No No. I said it was LIKE that type of thing. I don't think gary published a joke like this. Your memory is faulty my friend.


People who don't see the pure utterly sensational humor that this animation is offering us, why they are despicable human beings!

You, sir, are a genius!

ZILLIS responds:

Wow, I didn't know it was THAT good.
Haw Haw!


good,actualy very good for your first flash ever.

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you see my genius! Har har!
I'm kidding. Thanks taking a moment to tell me what you think.

It took a minute

At first, I was gonna blam this. But after a bout 20 seconds of considering that, I laughed. It is funny AFTER it's over. Nice effect from a flash.

ZILLIS responds:

Ha Ha - I'm glad you actually gave it some thought! Thanks.


Waaaaay too short, but I loved it still!