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Reviews for "Spider Head"

Watched this AFTER Mr. Broose

And now I want to see Mr. Broose come and remove the spider for him haha

I made it funnier in my head but thats not such a bad thing

ZILLIS responds:

Yeah, well this is just random one panel style comic joke thing - sort of... I guess


not bad for your first submission, but that was completely random. you should add more depth to you plot

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks for taking a moment to review my work.

It took a minute

At first, I was gonna blam this. But after a bout 20 seconds of considering that, I laughed. It is funny AFTER it's over. Nice effect from a flash.

ZILLIS responds:

Ha Ha - I'm glad you actually gave it some thought! Thanks.

It's OK

I think it was OK... For a first flash you did OK... You probably could of done better, but you did an OK job.

ZILLIS responds:

Oh, I can definitely do better...
now to make good on that claim...



good,actualy very good for your first flash ever.

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you see my genius! Har har!
I'm kidding. Thanks taking a moment to tell me what you think.