Reviews for "Zolaft!"


great job man!

Do you know who orinially animated this commercial? it was Patrick Smith (blendfilms.com)

He was an alumni from my college

keep it up, very funny! Although I don't think they play these ads anymore? It might be a year or two late!

My God that was freakin' hilarious!

I'll never view that commercial the same ever again; it sent a frisson of excitement down my spine! This has truly made my day. Thank you good sir!

Absolutely Hilarious!

Very amusement for me and my family, we are loving your fun fun joke.

Loved it

This was a fantastic parody of the infamous Zoloft commercial especially when the Zoloft character was walking around and the narrarator was saying all those side effects,i got a lot of laughs from this great flash you did a fantastic job on this parody. =)


it's funny because it is true.
those drugs cause more problems then they fix.