Reviews for "[Jay T] B-Bit Fantasy"

Look at that size of the motherfucker Wow! FuCking Awesomeness

Wow, this is an amazing beat. I love the beginning when it builds up and then it just goes to the raw beat which just blew me away.

This is GREAT loop you've got here. The gradual rhythmic buildup is well paced and comprehensive (not to mention that it is also well segmented for re-looping). I like the seamless transition from start to finish.

this right here is some quality retro game music. i honestly think that this is one of the best 8 bit songs i've ever heard.

Hey there! I am blown away by this song, and was wondering if you would be so kind as to let me use it in a game I plan on selling on Steam? I would certainly mention you if that's what you wanted. Cheers!