Reviews for "[Jay T] B-Bit Fantasy"

I Love this song! I set it on loop and play it when I'm on the bus to school. Thanks for the music!

This makes me feel happy, i personally enjoyed it more than poundcake, but they are both great songs

This song has a "heroic" vibe to it, making me feel, nice!
Its a nice feeling song and smooths/ blends wellingly!
Giving that perfect vibe, and when I listen to it I think of Final fantasy or sumthing!
Very good job

I f#>$ing love 8-bit retro game music!!!!!
If you make more music like this, i will do my best to get so many people to help and support you with more awesome music then could shove down a giraffe's throat.
thank you

Sounds like awesome.

Or something from VVVVVV. That is a serious compliment.