Reviews for "Balloon Head Fred"


This had a very cute style to it and was very creative too,the script was fantastic with all the metaphors the girl was using about Fred and him being a balloon head also the ending was just hilarous with the birth giving,overall though this isn't as great as you usual work i still got a kick out of this flash short and think you did a swell job so you still deserve a 10. =)

That was silly

Short and silly. I like it.


Pregent by a Balloon. True Genious. 5/5 10/10

poor fred.

He didnt escape. :(


i hope they knife the ones that spoiled the flash with their review... ANYWAY! edd gould once again pulled off a masterpiece! worth to watch and if you're gonna review it please don't spoil the ending or any other parts of this toon. this was a public service announcement by me!

now onto the constructive comment so m-bot stops nagging!
sound was good, the length a bit short in comparisson to other movies you have made. You could have gone trough a few more stages with the whole pregnant thing. you know the early morning sickness, weird habbits like chocolate with mustard and lemon juice and so on. had a bit more potential story-wise. as for the animation you could cleary tell it was you're style though it seems you took a bit more time for this one when it came to drawing it. (or you just got better at it i dunno) either way good flash, worth to watch and kids don't spoil the ending or you're bending... ehh no thats wrong.. nvm good flash!