Reviews for "Balloon Head Fred"


lol a girrafe

It's a giraffe

funny. I didn't think it would end like that. It was funny. and the biggining was funny too. Even though it was about 1 min long, but length doesn't matter.


oh god, the audio needs to be improved, theres this high pitched noise and it's killing me....good toon though

eddsworld responds:

Sorry about that, all fixed

Good animation, but soo stupid.

you really milked out the whole balloon thing for everything it got. The part where he just floats away is funny, and so is the ending with the giraffe, but come on.

"You've not got an inflated ego HAHHA geddit he's a balloon of course he's inflated!!! You're not full of hot air HAHAHA he IS full of air hahah!!! And you've got your head in the clouds HAHAHa that's not a good thing also he's a balloon ahahhaha!!!"

But the animation was pretty nice. Overall, this would've been much better if you cut the bullshit next time and get to the funny part.


Pretty good movie... but waaay too short.