Reviews for "Balloon Head Fred"

Haha, balloons :P

That was pretty funny, and rather original. It'd be cool to see a couple more episodes of this, maybe a mini series, if you will.

short, simple, funny...great!

id like it so much...its like that sit-com`s of the 90`s keep going!

A bit short, funny though.

Like I said. It's a bit short but it was funny. I liked the joke at the end.
The artwork isn't brilliant but it's decent. I wouldn't give this a 9 but I can't use decimals.

My rating would be about 9.5

My favorite quote is:

"It's a giraffe!"


that wuz awesome! but i have 1 question, does fred actually move around on his own to like the hospital and places like that, or is his girlfriend just insane?


is this the epilogue of the fred:animated series(he survived the shotgun)
if it is, nooooo wanted him dead
still good flash