Reviews for "Balloon Head Fred"

One of your best

I really like this one and think it is among the most memorable you have made. As stated somewhere else, you don't have many women in these cartoons, but you do draw them well when you can. While it may have been relatively short, it got its delivery off quite well. It was also funny to see the woman give birth to the balloon toy. What's really nice is how earnestly the characters look at each other, especially the balloon guy. May I wish you a very happy new year and many more to come!

That's a lonely girl.

Good animation....quite funny say the least. I like Fred at the end with the cigar....priceless.


is this the epilogue of the fred:animated series(he survived the shotgun)
if it is, nooooo wanted him dead
still good flash


that wuz awesome! but i have 1 question, does fred actually move around on his own to like the hospital and places like that, or is his girlfriend just insane?

Funny! Like all the rest!

The joke at the end was hilarious! But if the video was longer I would vote 10.