Reviews for "Little Wheel"

What an amazing game. It was pretty good to be a 3D flash game, and it was really fun. I'm glad I got to play with the hero of the world. The story was great. It was simple and long enough to enjoy :) Good job on this game, it's great.

The animation style was pretty amazing for a flash game. This is the kind of environment I love in a game or movie.

great but quite short and thankyou for having white circles around objects rather than trying to guess where it is

I loved how this game was so calm. Even when the robots fall or smashes thru a pile of scrap it does it in such a calm was and its funny to, how calm but violent it is XD.
I loved the music, it promoted the calm aspect of the game, the grafics/art work simple yet had everything it needed , not to much stuff nor to little. XD

Loved the artwork, the music theme and the flow of the game. 5 Stars :)