Reviews for "Little Wheel"

I thought it was a pretty cute and endearing little game!
The artistic style is great and the robot was fucking adorable!
I think it's a very good I suppose first step to developing games, but the reason I rated this a three was because there really was no challenge. There were a few instances where you had to solve which sequence you needed to complete things in, but most of the game involved indicators that pretty much dictated what you did.
I think a good way to do point 'n clicks is to not indicate what to do and have people solve it for themselves.
Otherwise, it was a nice way to give me a little pick-me-up after having been sick for almost a straight week. Keep up the good work!

I like the music. It definitely fits. I like the animations and the story also.


Beautifully animated. Simple but good fun :)

Loved this! Very cute and I like the graphics. Good job. :)