Reviews for "Little Wheel"

Wow nice

And here was a nice game the animation alone I thaught was pretty fun to see and you did well on that also congrats on all the awards that's a plus in itself you really pushed the limits with this one and I was pretty satisfied with this

Your work is so good I didn't find anything that needs any changes


Good thing I found this game again! Can't believe it's over 8 years old at the time I'm writing this... wow.
It's incredible. The animations couldn't be any smoother, the graphics and the art style were pleasing as well, and I liked the story, even though it was kind off short and a bit too casual. Still, true masterpiece for it's time :3

but yeah, gotta admit, that music does kind off get annoying after like 5 minutes xD

Aight... So first of all, this is really a nice little puzzle game.
But... The music really gets annyoing after a while.
Sure, i could just press that mute button, but it mutes ALL sounds, not just the music.

Great smooth graphics, and a really nice story~ It wasn't too short or too long, just about right. The "puzzles" were really fun, and easy enough to do without needing a walkthrough. A great game!

Had a lot of fun playing this! Thank you.