Reviews for "Little Wheel"

While the gameplay was simple, it was the story, design, music and animations that made this game really enjoyable.

sad can't disable music only

nostalgic amazing game

A very fun game to pass the time. The puzzles are very simple and cna be solved easily by just clicking around most of teh time. And I think that's okay. It doesn't need to be challenging, that's nto the point. It's got a lot of charm and is very stylish. The story is fun and cute, so are the robots. I really like the idea ofthe robot city and the fun designs of everything. The minimalist appearance of the style is really cool too, and shows you a different world. The animation is smooth and much more sophisticated than it first seems. I love all the 3D-like stuff and the physics when things roll over. It looks really satisfying. Prime examples would be the fist robot and the train. I really can't fault this game for much, except the puzzles that are a bit unintuitive (though you'll solve them after about a minute anyways) and the music, which is fitting but repetitive. This was a joy to play!

Very good