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Reviews for "ObliviaFantasyEP1"

Not bad.

First off, the voices were awesome. Secondly, the overall flow of the video and the timing of the dialogue wasn't that good. It just didn't sound natural--too slow; too many pauses. The storyline itself was fine, and the animation wasn't so bad considering the style. Good job here overall.

The Series has finally arrive!

When I first saw your menu..i thought u hack into my PC and saw a glimpse of my new animation XD..and...

Lip sync...yeah challenging..and I see you developed ur style..and man..this is pretty long ..

O..and I see that you code the menu code working too (gotta send me that =D)

It's pretty good..smooth sprites....nice work..

BlazingGamer responds:

Thanks teach! Glad you thought it was good! That made me happy to see I've grown from a noob to a "not so sucky noob"! =D

And what menu code are you speaking of? The action script for the menu? PM about this cause I have no idea what you're referring too.


liked it alittle, the animation was good for sprites but not all that entertaining. put more fight scenes or something like that and it would be better, idk how this will end but hopefully its not that boring throughout.


To be honest it dragged on for too long. The story and voices where good and I can see alot of effort that went into this. It was just too slow moving. It lacked detail, I couldn't stand the closeups on the sprites. Also alot of the lines had different volume. A seven though, for the good effort.

BlazingGamer responds:

Indeed it dragged on far too long, that I agree! Thank you!


the animation was pretty good and the voices fit well.
But i dont get why lavi and kakashi were fighting...and why they called lavi ichigo lol
and kanda came in the end too. you really should have edited the sprites better, they still look too much like their originals

BlazingGamer responds:

Haha, I know. But I'm not that much of a good editor. Thanks!