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Reviews for "ObliviaFantasyEP1"

Good start

The sprites were good, the voices were good, the story is ok.

But really... it draged on too long. Speed it up... keep going at it though, it has alot of potential.

BlazingGamer responds:

Thanks! I will speed it up next time!


at first i didn't like it because of the block like animation. but i liked how unlike other flashes like the characters had voices. also the plot was not to bad either so i like it overall. keep it up

BlazingGamer responds:

Ah, thanks bud!


Great! And I believe it can only improve to the second part :D

super cool!

i really enjoyed watching this :3 and the voice actors were totally great ^w^ good job

i enjoy more than i though i would. thanks for this. [July 22, 2019]
also you have update this flash because it will no longer be support on dec 2020