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Reviews for "ObliviaFantasyEP1"

This is pretty interesting

You have done an awesome job on this, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Also, if you need more people for voice acting, I'm available. Just pm me if you want to have me do a voice, or if you want me to send you an example of my voice. Anyways, I love the fighing, a little bit on the Naruto side though, hope it's not going to be. Too bad I couldn't see those guys get owned, all well. But it was still awesome. Don't forget to pm me on here if you want an example of my voice or just want to have me do a voice in your next episode.

BlazingGamer responds:

Ah, that is much helpful advice! And I might check your voice out if I have time too. ;]

Slow start but still looks to be an awesome series

This was pretty cool & interesting to watch also very impressive that the first episode was a whopping 12 minutes long,it started off rather slow but it had some great scenes too i especially loved the sprite design i have never seen them before so i'm guessing you made them if so great job there and well by far the best part was the voice acting to have a cast of eight people doing voices is mindboggling but awesome at the same time,overall this episode was a bit slow and had little story to offer but it was just the first episode and i still have high expectations for the series as a whole,hope to see episode two soon enough and best of luck to you with it. =)

BlazingGamer responds:

Thank you! That was a lot of feedback! I thank you for that! Thank you! =D

Very good start...

Yes, I am somewhat biased, but I definitely see the potential in the series and if it gets hand-drawn at some point, that would make the awesomeness rise exponentially. Glad to be part of it, Blaze...

BlazingGamer responds:

Haha, no problem!

O_O cool..

The story is cool but.. Wasn't that dude with the eye-patch named Ichigo actually Lavi from D.Gray-Man?


I thought it was pretty cool. Had a bit of a "what?" when I saw the fight between Ichigo and the unidentified ninja person. I was like, "Holy crap, rabi and kakashi are fighting! :O And there are Soul Reapers too! This is like, the best thing ever!"