Reviews for "ObliviaFantasyEP1"


It was interesting and had some great acting, but it lacked flow

BlazingGamer responds:

Ah, yes, it did lacked flow! Thanks!

not bad but...

dude, my screen saver came on, too long for pixies, think episodes pls

BlazingGamer responds:

What? I don't understand you..... ?


Nice , very good quality of voices , and animations , but some Fight scenes ... Need a good improvement practice on them , then would be a great Flash. Good luck making Episode 2. ;D

BlazingGamer responds:

I know! I wanted to add more fights but yet, I suck at it! Thanks for the comment! =D


That was great. I am really looking forward to the next episodes. Although, you should be careful of your text usage (to,too-serious,seriously) and the length of the video. A flash should be a little shorter, unless you guys are fighting the power. Lol

BlazingGamer responds:

Yeah, I know. I appreciate the advice! Thanks!

(Next episode will be shorter!!! I promise!!)

So far so good...

Keep it up man improve your skills Voice actors are awesome

BlazingGamer responds:

Will do and thanks!