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Reviews for "ObliviaFantasyEP1"

The Series has finally arrive!

When I first saw your menu..i thought u hack into my PC and saw a glimpse of my new animation XD..and...

Lip sync...yeah challenging..and I see you developed ur style..and man..this is pretty long ..

O..and I see that you code the menu code working too (gotta send me that =D)

It's pretty good..smooth sprites....nice work..

BlazingGamer responds:

Thanks teach! Glad you thought it was good! That made me happy to see I've grown from a noob to a "not so sucky noob"! =D

And what menu code are you speaking of? The action script for the menu? PM about this cause I have no idea what you're referring too.

This is pretty interesting

You have done an awesome job on this, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Also, if you need more people for voice acting, I'm available. Just pm me if you want to have me do a voice, or if you want me to send you an example of my voice. Anyways, I love the fighing, a little bit on the Naruto side though, hope it's not going to be. Too bad I couldn't see those guys get owned, all well. But it was still awesome. Don't forget to pm me on here if you want an example of my voice or just want to have me do a voice in your next episode.

BlazingGamer responds:

Ah, that is much helpful advice! And I might check your voice out if I have time too. ;]

this is a very solid movie

I like how it dropped you into the middle of the story and let you see how everybody was connected thru out the movie and the characters really had there own personalities so i liked that too i'd say the only problem was the general flow of it other than that i can wait to see how Tai gets outta that battle good luck on episode 2

---------------great job

BlazingGamer responds:

Yeah, I tried to get that and I guess I succeeded. But the flow, yeah, I was just carrying it out far too long... I'll make sure to note that on episode 2.

Good start

The sprites were good, the voices were good, the story is ok.

But really... it draged on too long. Speed it up... keep going at it though, it has alot of potential.

BlazingGamer responds:

Thanks! I will speed it up next time!


the animation was pretty good and the voices fit well.
But i dont get why lavi and kakashi were fighting...and why they called lavi ichigo lol
and kanda came in the end too. you really should have edited the sprites better, they still look too much like their originals

BlazingGamer responds:

Haha, I know. But I'm not that much of a good editor. Thanks!