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Reviews for "ObliviaFantasyEP1"


liked it alittle, the animation was good for sprites but not all that entertaining. put more fight scenes or something like that and it would be better, idk how this will end but hopefully its not that boring throughout.


Great! And I believe it can only improve to the second part :D

ummm.could have been better

The story is good but it's the only factor that seems good..the graphics action ....well they are below average...no offense..but dont worry You will improve in no time


its a bit...slow and...non actiony and...boring..


I thought it was pretty cool. Had a bit of a "what?" when I saw the fight between Ichigo and the unidentified ninja person. I was like, "Holy crap, rabi and kakashi are fighting! :O And there are Soul Reapers too! This is like, the best thing ever!"