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Reviews for "Super Mario 63"

awsome game, btw one question

when u get 15 stars i see one toad moving back and forth, and he says something about cornelia and to do a "barrel roll". is this a secret star i shall find?

Great piece of art

I don't know how to name your flash if not awesome.
- You totally hit the mood and atmosphere of Nintendo
- The controls and gameplay were terrific (maybe that's because i played the old Snes MarioBros. alot)
- The plot was interesting and refreshing
That's why I'm giving you'r flash the full score.

Some criticism:
- If you jump on two enemys standing at the some spot, you'll only kill one. Intended?

It would be a good thing to chance your action keys from zxc to another row, since it's quite a fuss to switch your keyboard's settings if you're not using a US model.

Keep making awesome flashes like this, you really caught the "Mario Spirit"

Wow.. Simply..


You managed to make an almost exact copy of the game that was made for
Nintendo 64. i got that game myself, and a Nintendo, wich i dont play on
anymore ofcourse, but u managed to turn a 3D game perfectly into an 2D
making it as fun, challenging and addictive as the original! i envy your talent!
Now you should be heading to GameBoy INC. or Nintendo INC, to start using
your talent to make Nintendo DS Games or GameBoy Games!! Good luck on
your next project!


Best Super Mario Flash To date. I love What you have done.