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Reviews for "Super Mario 63"

Great Game, loads of Fun.

This is an amazing game. I had to stop playing because I was spending too much time on it, great effort.

Runouw, you know I love you, right?

This game is so amazing. Incredible. When I compare this ot SMSunshine64, this one shines out.

All the graphics fit nicely together and are good on the eyes despite all being from different games.
Music is incredibly catchy and are some good choices you made for them.

The gameplay... Wow. Not only is this engine hugely improved from your different game, it runs fluidly on my PC unlike Sunshine64. There are barely any bugs and glitches now, and the level creator is damn fun.

Best game. On NG.

I'll kill a puppy if this doesn't reach front page.

Beyond Impressive!

This is definitely one of the most stunning flash games I've ever seen on Newgrounds.

At first glance, I thought this game would end after the tutorial stage. After playing for 10 minutes, boy was I wrong! You've recreated Super mario 64 and made it your own. Fantastic work!

well done

its like 64 but in 2D with a sunshine mix


It's Mario, It's Great!

Amazing version of Mario!
Great job and please make more of these!!!!!!