Reviews for "Super Mario 63"

Great! Fantastic! Exciting!

The only thing that I don't like is the time it takes to load. I just love how it mixes things from other games. It has FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine. It has the paintings from Mario 64. It has those birds from Yoshi's Island. Oh, and the storyline, "When Mario gets back from Isle Delfino"... I just love that. And that it uses Shine Sprites instead of those old and boring stars... One thing you could do is add Yoshi in the game. That would just make my day...

Also, I had played Super Mario Sunshine 64, it was great too. Keep up the good work!

Oh yeah and... I can't believe there's a toad with an actual name?!? That's just awesome! Eddie?!? That was a cool idea.

And I also love the songs you used for the places. I know them all. I whistle them while I play... And I also like that it's a simple, 2D game.

When I play, I feel like I'm playing an actual Nintendo game, because you make great games, and Nintendo makes great games! I hope you make a third, or just another Mario game! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!


This is a fun game, I like the level editor the most!
By the way, im am part of the video game with my friends.
My cousin asked if you could code for us and you never responded!


I WAS GOING TO RATE 100/10 BUT IT ONLY WENT TO 10/10. I LOVE THE GAME ITS AWESOME But Just 1 thing: Put In chain Chomps please.

one of the best mario games ever created

i just have one issue: you cant change the conrtols to my knowledge.


i cant really say how good this game is because i right now finished the first bomb-omb boss

but i can already see this game has alot of effort and i REALLY had fun with the classic mash-up of the mario 64 style throwing in some sunshine style, imagine if nintendo made a game like this, a remake of 64 with flood or something, but they didnt add it to the colletion, they only make it to Make it, not achualy add it or it could get ridiculed in alot of ways

all out this game is perfect, 1 or 2 glitches, none the less awesome