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Reviews for "Super Mario 63"

My game will not load.

Nintendo won't take this down because it's actually original stuff, Nintendo isn't really planning on making a 2D Super Mario 64/Sunshine game

I'm just hoping Nintendo doesn't take this down, same goes for super smash flash

Felt nostalgia for Mario 64

It's really incredible just how ambitious this game is, especially for something made in adobe flash (god rest your soul, flash). I think with some tweaking and a little of that Nintendo polish this could probably go toe to toe with some of Mario's best 2D adventures, and it proves that a 2D sandbox Mario could in theory work.

However, even though I'm giving this a perfect score for being a huge achievement as far as flash games go I have to address some pretty infuriating technical problems that this game suffers from. It can vary from one device to another but there have been occasions (mainly when I'm using FLUDD) that I hear this loud and unpleasant tearing sound. It can really put me off using FLUDD. This is an issue I've never experienced in any other flash game. Furthermore, this game is quite notoriously poor when it comes to performance. Despite having a relatively modern laptop, this game's frame rate can be horribly inconsistent and due to the absence of frame skipping it results in slow down in particularly taxing areas like the escape after defeating Bowser. Furthermore, the game speed can occasionally jump around and really screw with your momentum. If the spin move wasn't so spammable in mid-air I feel this would've made the game a lot more frustrating than it otherwise would have been. Dare I say, the playability would come into question too.

Finally, I want to address the level designer. I love this thing. Before Mario Maker this was the shit! Though in a post Mario Maker world I feel there are mandatory verification processes which are absent here. Mario and Luigi have different attributes and as such a level that is built around Luigi's abilities could potentially be impossible for Mario. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be a clear check system in place at all which is rather unfortunate.

Still, in spite of my complaints I do think this game is phenomenal in concept and in execution to a degree. It feels like an excellent foundation for a type of 2D Mario game that Nintendo hasn't tinkered with yet. The game is unpolished yeah, and the spin can trivialize most tricky platforming without even needing FLUUD but it's still a blast nonetheless. Some minor complaints involve the rather bonkers damage knockback and the fact that FLUDD (on top of spin) can kinda make the game feel too easy at points, though with how treacherous the performance can be perhaps it is necessary.

I know that Runouw has almost completely vanished from the internet for the better portion of the last decade and that this game hasn't been updated in nearly 10 years so these criticisms probably seem futile. However, I am only pointing these things out as I believe this game has so much potential not just as a flash game, but as a mainline Mario game if it was thoroughly realized. This gem really deserves to be recognised as one of the GOATs among browser games, warts and all.