Reviews for "Chronicles of Clitoria"

A Bit Coarse But...

The humor is a little coarse for my usual taste, but you executed it very nicely. Altogether a pretty entertaining flash. Keep working on your animation and I think you'll have some really top notch stuff in the future. I look forward to part two!

On a scale of one to ten...

I give it a yes. Except for the graphics. Plus, you included Flight Of The Conchords!


Really awesome dude, but u do need to acutlay animate the ppl, like have a fight, in which they acutaly move. Keep working on those grpahics

Meshin responds:

There'll be a fight in the next one, don't worry.


I just had an urge to watch this and it was really good, but a sequel...ugh....just kiddin, u shud!

I loved it!

Well, i suppose i'm allowed to love it because i voiced some of it. But it was fun to do and watch ahahaha.

*Sigh* A lost of the script turned out to be my improv on what it SHOULD of been.