Reviews for "Chronicles of Clitoria"

Well placed humor.

Frankly, I was a bit worried about the mention of penises in the comments but was pleasantly surprised to see how they were handled (pun intended.) The narrator's Tourette like moments of referencing the villain are pure genius. Also, the word "ladyboy" amuses me more than I had expected. However, I think the Zelda, Dogma, the Game - and most importantly, Monty Python - references are not so over the top. I think some or all these may be missed by more immature viewers, and this may be reflected in the score, which I would rate much higher. This does not lack for talent, and for that it earns 5/5. I will concede that animation could be tweaked some, but I am primarily interested in content, so I consider it 9 worthy. I rarely laugh out loud watching submissions, but this did the trick. I anxiously await a sequel.


You put a bunch of work into this so you get a seven, now try adding a dose of humor, talent and writing into it and you'll have an awesome flash :P

the game,

I lost the game...

I hate you...



It was a decent concept even though I got a little bored when it felt too zeldaish. Its kindof a parody of Naruto/Zelda. Please, though, work on the sound - voices, and keeping the volume relatively the same so I dont have to constantly adjust my volume settings on my computer. These fine-tuning effects would def get you points, and (if this doesnt do it already) will get you frontpage. I like the humor.


i dont think anyone remembers the sit demon from the movie Dogma anymore XD

Meshin responds:

Apparently not, lol