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Reviews for "Fruiti Blox"


only problem was that tge instuctions shoudve said u need to line them up exactly into a square that wouldve been a lot easier!!
overall great game 9/10

Ooh the colors!

It's a simple fun blocks game, match up colors along with bonus points. The works. Highly addictive in my tastes, I like it!

I've played a similar game before...

but I think the bonuses make this way way more difficult. Abnormally so.

Good game.

A simple game. I felt like there could of been a bit more to it. But it has a consistent theme- which I like in all games. It is very easy to learn. I often find my scores will be a lot different, though. I feel like I was dealt a crappy hand and in other cases I was dealt a royal flush. The bonuses got in the way like a pop up, and sadly I have no idea what they did. Nevertheless the game is fun and addicting.


I am a little suspicious of this game because it seems to be very similar to the Yoshimen (sp?) game that was just released for PSN and XBLA.

However, I am not sure if this is an already public concept (like Tetris and Bejeweled).

Overall the game is good, but since matches are kind of rare to be seen the pacing comes off as slow. The puzzle concept itself is solid, but I think that maybe you should have taken in to the next level by having powerups etc.