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Reviews for "Black & Reds - The Walk"

No need for the defication

Fast, sudden and undexpected humor is great, more people should try this. The black and red style is really good looking, even better if the characters weren't so cartoonish looking, the ambient noise helped but the beginning and end themes were just really bad ass.


Funny ha-ha AND funny strange

Odd...and yet oddly appealing. Funny...and yet utterly disturbing. The graphics, animation and sound were all excellent, methinks.

That was great.

That was one of the most original toons I've seen. I was starting to think it was supposed to be in the "serious" section at first. Lovely ending. Cute that you named the birdies. My absolute favorite part was the stop light. Make more cartoons!

Good one...

This was funny...Liked the dog taking a shit. That was great. Wierd that it was a true story. All i have to say is that would suck being the guy walking the dog.

A lot of bad ratings

Kinda interesting. I'm a bit amazed.

Well, people have different senses of humor, but the accident made me laugh =D

Music is good and I like simple animations too.