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Reviews for "Black & Reds - The Walk"

That was the shit!

Movies like that kick ass. I dont give a fuck what the critics say, that was sweet!

Review of 'Black & Reds'

Daaaaaamn, frickin' shocking but I liked it very much! The dog keeps on moving :s.


Simple and elegant. Refreshing. I wish I could see more flash movies like this.

Watch out dude

I was waiting for something to happen and boy did it happen. I didn't see that coming. Don't you just love the indifference of man's best friend. Not a bad piece of work overall.


Lol. Poor dude, his head fell off. Well, anyways, nice work. Good graphics, clear sound. It's an overall good flick. But one thing I noticed....
The leash looked like it was shoved up the dog's butt....@(O__O )@