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Reviews for "Black & Reds - The Walk"

The dog didn't flinch!

But he kep't walking..Fuckin Hilarious!
It was cool... the transition from desolate spaces to street lights and cars...
Do more black and reds!


ummmmm let's see...... i really don't have any words to describe what i just saw it wasn't bad not at all it was very surprising and unexpected. wow i was surprised, you guys really have to see it for your self it is pretty good.


HAHAHAHA poor Mr Red he didnt deserve that did he, my mum always said that smoking will kill ya lol!! Hope Black enjoyed his life with the driver and lived peacefully with him. keep up the good work.

your lord n master

damn good

Was This in The Funny Section... Well its not funny at all Jus a damn good Movie Worth Spending 2 mins on! Watch it


This was a perfect flash. And Alec10, I think by the 10 in your name you're ten years old. You don't need to be using language like that.