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Reviews for "Black & Reds - The Walk"

....Another dumb reviewer.

Shit, this movie was one of the funniest things I have ever seen here at newgrounds!


Okay, this was nice. It was an unexpected ending, and getting hit by a car is always fun to watch. ;)

Not very dark, even if that nay mave been you intent, but I lacked sounds while watching it so it may have been even better. :p

Keep it up.


sorta like the birds but really funny

pretty good

ignore my scores I was just too lazy to put them in properly. I id this however that this movie was quite good. The only problem was that it took WAY to long to finally get to the red light.
but good job!

Funny funny

great movie. and on a side note, for those of you rating movies. stop giving away the damn endings...