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Reviews for "Black & Reds - The Walk"

Uhm, ha ha....ha?

Gee nice twist, but it's still a disturbing joke.
I guess you must be one bitter guy, huh?

Nice punch-line

The movie was so-so, but the punchline was great and managed to take me by surprise.

--Michael Bregman

simply great

beh, tanto noi italiani ci facciamo sempre riconoscere come quelli che non parlano inglese...
il buon farkaskoldus (non è un nome d'arte, vero?) ha fatto veramente un buon lavoro... sembra che fino alla fine non succeda niente e invece... @#@# §§ù
a me mi piacce molto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww, that's too bad.

That was unexpected. It would've been just as good without that 'surprise' ending though.

Finally, something with depth

Funny yet serious film with an original idea and
technique and style, what a great way to burst on to the newgrounds scene! I hope this kid doesn't stop. He's got great potential for this! I can
tell he's got a good future in this department!