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Reviews for "Black & Reds - The Walk"

peice of shit!

What the hell was that? that was soooo lame! I waited like a minute and a half for that lame ass ending???? Not funny at all. (WHAT R U GUYS THINKING???)

Not what you'd expect.

The sound and graphics really aren't anything special, but they work perfectly with the way this cartoon's set up. I think it would've have been better if the bird and the dog weren't takin a crap-it would build up more seriousness for the end.


I enjoyed it. It seems to be an experiment in motion tweening. Interesting use of colors and motion. The end was fun. A lot like Bambi meets Godzilla. Cut the credits and the closing music though. Bleghct!

Don't see the point but...

I don't entirely see the point but the combination of HUGE talent and just plain weirdness made me rate it so high.

it sucked

it wasnt funny at all whats up with everone giving it a 10 take away the 1 and you got O thats what i should have giviin you but im just to nice