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Reviews for "Black & Reds - The Walk"


I lked it.


wow! A great animation. I loved the silouette aspect of it. I need to know why this is considered funny...This is one of the most depressing films on Newgrounds...Well, great stuff. I would watch it again.



Ok, this WAS a good Flash movie, all the elements work together in a very well put together form, BUT it's not humor. It's more of a dark kind of thing. I think this short would be better appreciated if it were put under the "Serious" catagory instead of being in the "Funny" catagory.

I totally disagree....

Not to be abrasive in any way, but I really did not find anything remotely funny about it. It was exceedingly pointless. There is no reason for the man to get hit. Its just not amusing at all. I gave u a 5 for the effort. I guess if I didnt have a dark aura, id give u a 6. But anything more than that, in my mind, is unjustified

That was great.

That was one of the most original toons I've seen. I was starting to think it was supposed to be in the "serious" section at first. Lovely ending. Cute that you named the birdies. My absolute favorite part was the stop light. Make more cartoons!