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Reviews for "Chris Guy = Good"


a waste of time.

I liked the music. Even though it's just an endless loop, the music kept me from stopping and voting 0. Took me a 20+ seconds to realize that it's a pointless loop because of the music.

Good choice of music my friend.
Fooled me though

Alienslushie responds:

Hahaha, I'm sorry... its just a one key joke. Thanks for the review.

quite possibly the most epic thing i've ever seen!

all my 5 are belong to diss

Alienslushie responds:


No good

Though you did put effort into it it's just you bobing up and down with Flash drawn clouds around you.

Alienslushie responds:

You seem to have got this animation confused with another, my good chum.

May I add, I hath drawn thyn self on flash also.

Also, ten has a 0 after the 1



Alienslushie responds:

Thank you, you hit the nail on the head with this indepth insite on my graphic novel.

An epic

That is what my friends I call an epic, it was action packed with adventure. A sad but with the occasion comic relief entertaining sidestory. It went for 24 hours, I watched the fullest thing. It being 24 hours long made it 24x awesome. Plus the fact its a combination collab of my two favourite newgers Chris and Chris

Love Alec Bellati xoxox