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Reviews for "Chris Guy = Good"

epic awesome

if i was a dick like Warmachine77, i would say something like "what is this? one of your wet dreams come true?" however i am far from being a dick therefore i shall demonstrate my anti-dickism by stating that this is a fine piece of sarcasm (i think) and to you i say, brava. and once more, epic awesome.

wow really?

unllike all the sarcastic people out there. it wasnt good at all really. but then again the same thing after another does get boring.

Alienslushie responds:

Maybe the submission is an act of sarcasm. Presenting something positively as if to suggest otherwise.

I bet there's a big pingas under there.

You did well, my boy.


Its stoopid but III like it!

mmm.... no

it's so patetic -.-
the same animation for ever o_O

Alienslushie responds:

Wait... is it... ? ? ? ?