Reviews for "King Kilo_My name is pain"

Really good, I love these dark, scary, heavy musics.

(where did you take that voice from?)

KingKilo responds:

Thanks! I prefer the dark, scary, heavy music as well.
I do all voice acting myself. Recorded here in my room, edited with FLStudio.

Cool man.

KingKilo responds:

Thanks man.

I really love this kind of heavy dubstep, I am glad to see that people still make this heavy stuff, because many people who used to make this heavy stuff have started making some crappy calm music that sounds shit compared tp their old stuff.
5 stars from me King Kilo! Great Job! Keep it up! I expect more good stuff from you! :D

KingKilo responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate these kind of comments.
I'm all for 'heavy', if it comes down to music. The gnarlier the better, haha.

Well,this thing is perfect for my Pivot animation.
Could I collab with you?

KingKilo responds:

All my music is free to download and free to use. I'd like to get some credit though, haha. "King Kilo" or "Kevin Bors" would be fine.
Thanks by the way!

The intro is really creepy and is insanely amazing, but i'm sorry to say that i don't like the drop at all. It lacks interestingness. Just not my style, i guess. That said, i have enjoyed most of your other submissions and my own sound liek SHIT

KingKilo responds:

Haha, your stuff can't be that bad. I'll take a look at some of your tunes! Thanks for the comment though.
This is one of my first Dubstep tunes, so maybe you'll like the newer ones better.