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Reviews for "Theories and Practice"

Very cool!

This was pretty impressive. The visuals really matched the music quite well. The message was strong and clear. Furthermore, the audio you added worked nicely with the cartoon, and everything was well synched.

Here are my criticisms of the work. First of all, your drawings could be a little more clean, or a little more complex. Generally speaking those are the two routes you want to take. If you want to use simple characters, you should clean them up so although they look simple, they are bright and attractive. If you want to use a dirtier look, you should probably use more detail to compensate. This would make the drawings a bit more impressive.

You also might want to work on hands a bit. I only remember one shot where it really bothered me (the guy is shifting gears I believe), but I was once told that when people watch animation, the thing they're going to pay attention to most is the face and the hands. You might want to put in a little extra work to make your hands a bit more impressive.

Lastly, pay attention to scale. In some shots you use it really well. The morbidly obese lady in the small apartment for example. However, in the last shot which is a long shot in which nothing else is going on, we see the logger, who is bigger than a lemonade stand, as big as a tree and as tall as a piece of heavy machinery. You might want to shrink him down a bit, or make everything else larger.

Otherwise though, this is a really cool animation. Well done!

jackbliss responds:

I marked your review helpful as you have given me some wonderful guidelines and tips to help me make even better movies next time. Thanks for the time and effort :-)


i just liked how my own mood changed with the video, from sad, to happy, to sad again at the very end. effing lumberjack.

but yeah, as the first one to review it; nice vid. keep it up.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks. I know the ending is sad but hope you were happy that you've watched it. Life can be sad and happy at times, but ultimately I think everyone is happy :-D


I thought it was pretty good. It was a little confusing, until I read the Author Comments.

jackbliss responds:

Yeah I know the movie is a little confusing at times so I added a comment to it. Thanks for the 9 review and 4/5 :-)

Thank You

Great message to get across. The world needs to improve drastically and everyone needs to take a good look at all of the things they can do to improve themselves and the lives of others.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks! You've understood it very well!


This is one fine piece of work, it has been my honer to vote it 5 while under review.

jackbliss responds:

The honor has been all mine sir! Thanks for the amazing review! :-)