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Reviews for "Theories and Practice"

caught me off guard

animation didnt seem too special, but i really liked the film. u definitly spent some time on this, and i really liked it. Good job.

jackbliss responds:

I'm glad you were able to overlook the animation and see the movie for what it is. Thanks for the great review!

wow, you did it!

Great flash with a great message. It's what others should take as model!!!

jackbliss responds:

My flash as a model?? Ha ha well... thanks a lot man. Cheers! :-)

I've watched NG vids for almost 2 years now...

People expect perfection from animators, the animation wasn't perfect, the meaning was. I've never watched a video on this website with such great meaning, the story was great, the message was clear, the song was excellent. 10 stars.

jackbliss responds:

Very true. The animation is far from perfect I know, but I have but a lot of thought and heart into it and made it to the best ability that I could in the moment. I'm so happy all you people give me wonderful chance to express myself and appreciate it through these kind reviews. Thanks so much! :-)

Thank you

I loved the music, and the simplicity. Thank you also for the idea in the bill-boards because right now I have been trying to make a representation of life for my very last school project. Very nicely done, smooth animation and it all made sense....unlike some other work on Newgrounds.

Pre-loader lasted a bit longer in comparison to the file size but oh well. Wasn't a waste of my time to watch this. Hopefully you get an award, or at least front page.

jackbliss responds:

Glad I could help you out in any way I could. Good luck in your school project :-)

It's ENGLISH English, I believe.

Isn't that the British spelling of Practice? Or at least an alternate one?
Anyways, the art is a bit, what's the word? Messy? But I pretty much forgot that as the movie went on. I did like this a lot. Wonderful job. :]

jackbliss responds:

Yup it's British spelling of Practise. Hee hee yeah I like messy art style as it's easier to animate at times but I must change it soon. Glad you were able to look past it. Thanks for the great review! :-)