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Reviews for "Theories and Practice"


well, it's certainly strange (for lack of better word) use of lemon tree song, mind You not wrong use.
It's certainly unique in some aspects (especially on NG), and considering I rewatched it three times in row I can hardly give anything but 10/5.
As for constructive criticism I can hardly say anything You don't know, (like improve on drawing). personally I don't like texts in animations (GOD,MILK etc.) but they we're not that much annoying.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks for the great review and glad you watched it 3 times straight, but hope you took a little break after that to think more about it. Thanks for the 10/5 review :-)

Very nice.

Thank you. It was truly inspiring and I hope the message gets to more people. Please keep making these.

jackbliss responds:

I will as long as people like you keep leaving me good reviews to read lol. Thanks!


That is the way I see the world. Great job dude, love he message.

jackbliss responds:

Glad you and I see the world the same way. Thanks for the review :-)

loved it, had a great message too

you know, NG isnt usually a place for stuff like this but when it comes along, it can throw people into deep thought. i think that everyone here will not completely understand the message, but will interperet this in their own way. this i loved this flash and the song. good luck with your future flashes.

jackbliss responds:

Yes thank you. This is exactly what I intended the movie to do. Make people think on their own rather than spoon feed everything. It's sort of done in the similar style of my favorite director Stanley Kubrick ofcourse not nearly as great but heavily inspired by him.

A rare beauty

Very rarely does one find such a well thought out and informative flash. I think u deserve a Nobel price for the message u carried out in this flash video. Keep on doing what you do best and i assure u it will pay off. Kudos from me and well done.

Thank you for such a beautiful piece.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks a lot wunamon! It's just a simple message so I don't think it deserves a Nobel prize just yet lol. But maybe someday if it is carried out by inspired people like you, we all could live in a better place. Thanks again for the great review! :-)