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Reviews for "Theories and Practice"


wonder why it didnt score higher!

i enjoyed it thoroughly.
good stuff man!
keep them coming

jackbliss responds:

Thanks man. I enjoyed your review thoroughly! :-)


this was an incredible make and deserves more awards. i like how you made it about literlay the fact of theories and practice. it is an ugly truth people ignore. maybe one day it will be different. until then theres people like you who wont let it fade into the background.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks man. I'm not really into awards or anything but more interested in sharing my point of view and my story. I'm very glad you've understood the movie really well. Sorry for the late reply.


really deep observations, i like the way you put it together, animation was pretty good...so keep up the good work

jackbliss responds:

Thanks a lot I will :-)

To "Theories and Practise"


In the beginning the animation was quite bad, too sloppy for me, but it got better and better as the movie passed by, good for you. All in all the animation was all right.


I think the sound quality was not at its best, which kind of ruined it. But the choice of music fits really well with the story.


To me it didn't make sense at the beginning but as the movie passed by I got to understand it more and more. It's okay.

_//Overall vote and rating

Vote: 3

Rating: 4

Great job

That really struck a chord with me at the GOD/MILK scene. The whole thing is brilliant. I lol'd at the ending.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks for the review! The ending is actually a sad one... it appears funny yes, but it signifies that Man despite having heart to do the right thing often succumbs to do the will of his mind and greed. The GOD/MILK scene was one of my favorites too :-)