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Reviews for "Theories and Practice"

Haha nice job :P

The drawing matched the song
love the animation
good job

jackbliss responds:

Thanks for the review man! :-)

Awesome !

Send this to all world governments !
They might actually listen ?
For a change ! ( meant both ways )

jackbliss responds:

Hee hee... give me their email addresses and I'll try :-)

I liked it

The storyline and music were fantastic (I believe your point of view should be shared by more people around the world) however I'd like to see better graphics.

jackbliss responds:

I'd like to see better graphics myself. Thanks for appreciating my movie for what it is!

not bad

this was better than i expected to be honest, the direction was well done and the flow of the video was nice. maybe just clean up the animation a bit and it could be gold.

jackbliss responds:

I'm learning to clean up my animation and I think I am improving bit by bit. Frame by frame animation is still very hard work for me especially after tiring office hours. Thanks for the review :-)

pretty good

i liked it very good job good song not badly animated pics good story,but the reson i gave it 4 is that i think it could have had a better ending

jackbliss responds:

Yes I agree the ending is a bit bitter, but it signifies an important point that Man never truly learns anything... but still has great heart to change. Thanks for the review!