Reviews for "Cat Face ep.13"


"kids, don't go on to the internet (unless you're 21) it's full of the filth, yes" lol. Another great episode of Cat Face. I think this was one of my favorites. I especially like the whole full screen thing. The wide screen layout is nice, but full screen is nicer!... Anyway, another A+ animation! Keep it up!


I love how your site for the flash follows the continuity of the animation by having the visitor count permanently stuck at 2, following with the obvious unpopularity of the site. Very original, and for that reason it's my favorite episode so far.

Silly catface!

this show needs more of catface doing outragious things that seem normal to him like in episode 1 where he make the old lady hes. its awesome more of that kind of thing

funny as hell

he rly got me to lol wen he said catsterpiece and i dont usually lol

Very good Movie!